About us

Peridot Systems was created to target the private sector after the extensive experience garnered in the Public Sector under Peridot Solutions. We focus on commercial clients and the unique problems faced by each one in their business operations.  The rigid and complex requirements for public sector projects and our team’s unique and extensive work experience have created a strong foundation for our commercial clients to leverage our ability to deliver end-to-end value.  

Peridot Systems’ foundation is based upon an innovative holistic approach to client solutions created by the entire team, the right technology stack, and the best in class service delivery.  

Our dynamic team of Technologists and Strategists is dedicated to creating forward-thinking technical and advisory solutions.  

We can visualize the big picture and, at the same time, zoom in on every facet of each project to deliver a custom and financially feasible solution.

We serve as your partner for the entire journey.

Our Clients

edina public schools
northfield public school
neighborhood housing school
osseo area schools
state police
virginia's community colleges