LearnersEDGE 360° – personalized learning with Peridot Systems

We all have different interests, different capabilities, and different challenges when learning. It stands to reason, then, that uniform education where everyone is taught everything exactly the same way is not going to produce the best outcomes for all students. This is why personalized learning has become all the rage in the education industry in recent years. The idea behind it is to tailor an individual student’s education to best fit their needs in order to ensure that everyone gets the best possible learning experience and the best possible outcome. 

But education doesn’t happen on a one-on-one basis. Every student is a part of a class taught by a teacher; that teacher’s performance is evaluated by the principal of the school and the school itself is dependent on the county it’s in. So how can all these interested parties work together to maximize positive outcomes for students while also improving on their own work? The solution is LearnersEDGE 360° – an innovative platform by Peridot Systems intended to help educators and students achieve their goals.

School children in a classroom.
LearnersEDGE 360° aims to help each student achieve their goals through personalized curriculums and modules.

The first software to adopt a holistic approach to information-driven personalized learning plans, LearnersEDGE 360° accumulates information from a variety of sources, combining data regarding grades, attendance, and SAT scores collected from regarding grades, attendance and SAT scores from regular student information software (SIS) with additional information provided by the state, teachers, parents, and the students themselves to create a more detailed profile of each student. This allows for the creation of personalized curriculums adjusted to specifically address every individual students’ interests, needs, and problem areas.

Students, however, aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the LearnersEDGE 360° platform. In fact, the software was specifically created to achieve improve learning outcomes by targeting three broad areas of interest:

  • school improvement,
  • personalized learning, and
  • student enrichment and assessment.

Accordingly, stakeholders at every level of the education industry can benefit from the software. Students and parents have access to the modules, meaning they can track progress through set milestones, update or add information as necessary, provide feedback, and more. Teachers can see the information for individual students, different demographic groups, or the entire class which allows them not only to follow the improvements but also to identify problem areas that may require more attention. School principals and school boards can similarly gain meaningful insights about the success of their schools, individual staff members, and students themselves. Finally, school districts and counties can use this data to improve on school policies and develop better education strategies.

School principal in his office.
LearnersEDGE 360° can be used by stakeholders on every level of education from students to principals.

All this is possible thanks to an intuitive and highly customizable user interface that makes LearnersEDGE 360° very easy to use for anyone from students to school district officials for their own goals. It all starts with gathering information. Peridot Systems works with the stakeholders to gather all the relevant data that informs a good personalized curriculum for each student. This includes disseminating questionnaires and online surveys, conducting interviews and focus groups, facilitating constructive discussions, and providing stakeholders with access to the platform where they can enter relevant comments themselves. Once all this information is gathered, data are also collected from district, state, and national reports. All this information is then integrated and analyzed using widgets – convenient tools within the software which can present selected data in a simple way that’s easy to understand. Because each school, teacher, and student has different needs, a multitude of different widgets are available and new widgets can be created upon request

Users can customize their dashboards to show only the widgets relevant to their work. A student will only need to see their own modules and milestones, for example. A teacher, on the other hand, may need to track the progress of each individual student in class while focusing in particular on those who are falling behind. Yet a school district will likely want to focus more on statistical information based on demographics. All this is possible with LearnersEDGE 360°. The platform allows anyone using it to analyze vast amounts of information collected from a wide variety of sources in ways that best suit their needs and goals

This makes LearnersEDGE 360° an incredibly valuable tool in the education industry. By collecting data from all relevant sources including students themselves, rather than focusing on test scores alone like most SIS, this software provides a much better opportunity for personalized approaches to learning. The platform’s many different and customizable aspects make it useful to everyone involved in the students’ educational journey, starting with the student themselves and ending with the school district. Because the interface is so simple and intuitive, the software is also accessible to anyone, regardless of technological know-how.

Group of people working on a computer.
The platform is easy to use which makes it suitable for people of all level of technological competency.

Finally, because of its flexibility, LearnersEDGE 360° can be adjusted to suit any goal. Schools that implement it for the sake of creating better, more individual learning plans for gifted students can just as easily create widgets that help them motivate students that are falling behind. Districts that use the software for digitizing their assessments can then turn the software into a tool for tracking the interests of male vs. female students. There is virtually no limit to what can be done with this platform. That makes it suitable for everyone in the education business and will certainly contribute to its long-term success as stakeholders continue to use it even when their goals shift.

One of the reasons why LearnersEDGE 360° works so well is because it isn’t prescriptive. Rather than informing stakeholders what they should do, it first asks them what they want to do. Then it makes the achievement of these goals easier. In an industry like K-12 education which is sorely lacking in quality technological solutions, LearnersEDGE 360° could be a game-changer. Peridot Systems is certainly hoping for that and looking forward to improving the way students learn in the future.

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